Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Latest in beauty monthly box review

I found this website around six months ago,when i was searching for makeup sample box like glossybox. The latest in beauty offers its subscribers to once a moth pay £1 to receive samples of products, this includes postage costs. So its a great deal really! Yes of course the products aren't high end like chanel or nars, but I've had samples like olay and burts bees. There’s no catch,the site just asks you to give back feedback on the products.
You get a choice of three products; one skincare, one makeup and fragrances and one hair and body.

The samples come in a parcel like this, well measured to fit through letterboxes :)

 And this months box, i choose;

1. Burts Bees therapeutic bath crystals 44g, which is meant to  help stimulate the elimination of waste products from teh skin and soreness, after things like physical exercise.
2.  Lavera Faces , a summer glow facial moisturizer of which i got 4 sachets of, said to give a glow to the face.
3. Yu-be moisturizing skin cream (one small tube), which is a concentrated  glycerin moisturizing cream from japan enriched with vitamins. Which can be used everywhere and is suitable for all the family.
They also sent me a sample of Sun shots sun cream, as you can see above.
All come with a note saying thank you fro ordering, with a small explanation of the products.
All in all, this is a cheap alternative to products like glossybox and birchbox. Although if you like me you might want to try them all. £1 is nothing to be honest, i think its a bargain product :)

Available at  www.latestinbeauty.com
Gabbie xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nars balanced foundation review

I  purchased this foundation, because i wanted the nars sheer glow but this was being sold on ebay cheap and in my shade, so i decided to go for it!

And.... im actually quite surprised its quite a nice foundation, i have combination skin but this foundation is stated that its most suitable for oily skin. However it worked really well for me :)
This only suits be when i used some of my xen tan, but if i mix it with a lighter foundation its fine.
However unfortunately this has now been discontinued... lets carry on the search for the perfect foundtaion!!!

Gabbie x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The bag

Ive always longed after a michael kors bags, there just fab, Ive never been in a position to buy one full price. However tk maxx came to my rescue, offering michael kors bags on their website at bargain prices and i mean bargain prices! Although i couldn't really afford it, i had to have one lol I new this offer wasn't going to come around again anytime soon, so here she is;

This is the astor tote, suede in material which i suppose i going to have to look after carefully. She has soft good studs, a gold half chain and leather straps and of course the michael kors symbol.
Due to the colouring she will go, with just about everything :) I'm very happy with my purchase although I'm now skint haha

Gabbie xx