Monday, 30 May 2011

Wish list

Now i really could go on forever but i will try to minimize this list into most wanted!

  • Chanel de soleil
  • Dior amber diamond
  • a superslick eye liner such as; the dolly wink eyeliner in black of course
  • A silver double finger ring
  • Chanel lumiere foundation either pro or aqua
  • a clarisonic or dupe version as the clatisonic are so expensive
  • A nice silk shirt
  • Liz earle cleanse and polish
  • Origins ginseng eye gel
  • and lots more......
Oh and a michael kors rose gold watch please :)

WISH, wish wish

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Maybelline XXL Mascara

It came to the time where i needed a new mascara, recently i haven't found any i love since a really old bourjois one which i really hard to get hold of, think they may have discontinued it :( So i searched the Internet and decided to try Maybellines XXL Mascara, which is a double ended mascara one white end and one black.

Step one; is a the white product with micro fibres that is said to tame, align and volumize lashes.
Step two; is the black mascara product which claims to extend your lashes hence the name.

I'm was actually quite impressed with this product to begin with for the price range i believe its a good product. I had no product fall under my eyes at the end of the day, and i felt it was easy to remove. It definitely did make my lashes appear longer although at times the mascara was clumpy  due to having to use two steps of product.
One bad point Ive found is Ive only had it a few weeks and it actually started to dry up, to be honest i don't think you get a lot of product and therefore i probably wont repurchase this item.


Thursday, 19 May 2011


When i locked eyes on this bag, i had to blog about it, i fell in love!! <3

 Both of these beaded beauties are by Chloe, great evening bags :)
Since my last post about bags, I've been abit carried away and now cant stop admiring all these gorgeous designer bags.
Wish, wish wish.... hehe

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hair Envy

Here's some hair trends for spring/summer 2011
The braided top knot
The double knot
 Messy wavy hair
Full fringe 
And finally the birds nest bun
 Gabbie x

Moodyy Mar Mar

I was recently browsing a new blog that I've found and they did a post about mood changing nail varnish and mood rings. This took me back to my childhood, I'm sure many of you, can relate to the mood rings from your childhood. So i was inspired and started searching for mood changing nail varnish's here's a few images i found;

You can buy these nail varnish's from they have a variable range of colours for purchase. I cant wait to try some :)
Look at all these beautiful fun colours from

Isn't this just fab:) I want some!!!!

 They change colour according to your body temperature wow :)
Through my search i then stumbled across mood changing lipstick haha!!

These are buy urban outfitters, I cant say that these look the most desirable colours but what the heck they look fun.

This lip gloss is by too faced , look to see what happens...
This is not a review, obviously i can't say whether they work or not as I've not tried any of these products but id like to think they do!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mac Face and body

Mac Face and body foundation is one of those foundations you seem to hear a lot about, its one of those you think i must try this. It's been on my want list for quite a while so about a month or so ago i decided to go ahead and purchase.
Its got a watery like consistency, which once applies set on your face in seconds. It gives you a natural skin finish.
Here's mine in the shade C2:

And here's a swatch of the shade C2

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives a healthy dewy glow
  • As its got a thin consistency the bottle will last you quite a long while
  • Natural looking, so great for daytime looks
  • Its not really got a smell to it
  • It seemed great for about a month and then it started to irritate my skin and broke me out
  • Won't cover spots up well
  • Depending on what coverage you want, sometimes its too minimal
  • Sometimes it made my skin oily (not nice)
For me this impressed to begin with but when i started to break out it was the end of my mac face and body.
So i continue the search for the best all around foundation...


A girl can dream

A girl can dream right?
Bags, Bags and bags.
I love bags
I especially love classic designs there are so many different types, but if you buy one an expensive one i mean, it needs to be wearable and you want to be reassured its going to last. Below are some that's have caught my eye although i cants afford them , they're nice to look at!

The celine bag
The Michael Kors bag
And if i could have any bag, this would be the one id choose look at her!! Alexa is gorgeous :)
The Mulberry Bag *LOVE*
Ill stop drooling now
And yes i have noticed they're all brown lol
Gabbie xx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Colour Blocking

Heres some inspiration for the colour blocking trend;
 You could even colour block you make-up, what gorgoeus colours!!

 I cant wait to start mixing and experimenting with all the wonderful colours for spring/summer :)

Rodial glamtox eye light pen

Normally i wouldn't really buy something like this but i found it at a bargain price in my local Tk Maxx, so i thought what the heck i may aswell give it ago.
This item retails at £35.00 which i must admit it abit steep, there are similar item on the market from brands such as YSL. It claims to be an eye brightening concealer that erases any signs of fatigue and brightens the complexion. Although its an eye concealer it suggest on the box that you can use it in areas such as; hollow of the chin and contours of the nose.

I only used this under my eyes, i found that it did definitely brighten up my eyes but sometimes there just wasn't enough coverage for this to replace my normal concealer. The product is of a sheer liquid like consistency, which is dispensed using a click pen. You apply just a few strokes under the eye area, like a normal concealer.
Overall i do agree that it brightens up your eyes but i don't think i'd repurchase this, as i believe the retail price is to steep for what the product delivers. Although saying that there are many rodial products i would love to try, like the snake serum and boob lift. :)

 Love gabbie

A collective haul

These items are all from over the space of a few months, some are gifts and most of them i brought myself.
As I'm a student I'm in a small budget but with the likes of, you can often find many designer bargains! Here's a few piccies;

My favourite purchase , are these beauties a pair of prada sunglasses, I've been lusting of a pair like these for years but never been in a position to afford them. But thanks to ebay i managed to grab these for £40.00 wooo :)
But i word of warning there are many fakes items on ebay make sure you do your research for sunglasses read up about serial codes.

The maxi skirt, is a fab item for spring/summer. You can wear its whenever you want and its so easy to just chuck on, you bearly have to think about your outfit!

I just couldn't resist this, its a bluey purple colour and flows so elegantly and yet it was £12.00 from primark!! Love a bargain

The next item was a gift from my mother, she knew i had wanted a pair of these
for ages. They're Vivienne westwood globe earrings, there plain silver but because they are plain they will go with everything!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Viktor and Rolf
My mum recently brought me this back from duty free, as she had been away on holiday. I had seen this
perfume advertisement in a magazine but i not normally the kinda girl too experiment with perfumes. Although
i must say this has a lovely scent, great for spring and summer. Its a sweet floral scent, you start to smell raspberries,rose petals its girly and glamorous. The packaging is ok but i do like the simple bottle, its a glass hot pink bottle in the shape of a grenade, which is hot pink at the bottom and gradually decreases into a baby pink nearer the top. This is now my new daytime fragrance so i can save some of my Chanel coco mademoiselle :)  X

Have you found a new perfumes lately, in time for summer?
Drop a comment below X