Saturday, 3 December 2011

Delicious decorations for your home

Here a snapshot of some the fab items Ive fell in love with on the Victoria and Albert's website:

Ceramic doorknobs wall hooks £25.00, love these fab for hanging necklaces.

Floral stag wall object (medium) £45.00, this brightens up any room with its uniqueness. Can be used inside or outside, comes flat packed.

ceramic squirrel stacking game £50.00, this is a lovely quirky item to have on a side table, however not suitable if you have small children around.
And finally my favourite, the hidden animal teacup

£18.00, i had to purchase this cup it's so unique but due to the colour will go happily with any colour scheme. There's also a bear and owl in the range but unfortunately they appear to be sold out. Please note these cups are MASSIVE!

Please note images are from v&a website, not my own photographs.
All available on the v&a website.

Gabbie x