Sunday, 15 May 2011


Viktor and Rolf
My mum recently brought me this back from duty free, as she had been away on holiday. I had seen this
perfume advertisement in a magazine but i not normally the kinda girl too experiment with perfumes. Although
i must say this has a lovely scent, great for spring and summer. Its a sweet floral scent, you start to smell raspberries,rose petals its girly and glamorous. The packaging is ok but i do like the simple bottle, its a glass hot pink bottle in the shape of a grenade, which is hot pink at the bottom and gradually decreases into a baby pink nearer the top. This is now my new daytime fragrance so i can save some of my Chanel coco mademoiselle :)  X

Have you found a new perfumes lately, in time for summer?
Drop a comment below X

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