Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A girl can dream

A girl can dream right?
Bags, Bags and bags.
I love bags
I especially love classic designs there are so many different types, but if you buy one an expensive one i mean, it needs to be wearable and you want to be reassured its going to last. Below are some that's have caught my eye although i cants afford them , they're nice to look at!

The celine bag
The Michael Kors bag
And if i could have any bag, this would be the one id choose look at her!! Alexa is gorgeous :)
The Mulberry Bag *LOVE*

Ill stop drooling now
And yes i have noticed they're all brown lol
Gabbie xx


  1. All these bags are so beautiful.. I love the celine..!

  2. @ Giulaina thank you, wish i owned them :) im following your blog now x