Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mac Face and body

Mac Face and body foundation is one of those foundations you seem to hear a lot about, its one of those you think i must try this. It's been on my want list for quite a while so about a month or so ago i decided to go ahead and purchase.
Its got a watery like consistency, which once applies set on your face in seconds. It gives you a natural skin finish.

Here's mine in the shade C2:

And here's a swatch of the shade C2

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives a healthy dewy glow
  • As its got a thin consistency the bottle will last you quite a long while
  • Natural looking, so great for daytime looks
  • Its not really got a smell to it
  • It seemed great for about a month and then it started to irritate my skin and broke me out
  • Won't cover spots up well
  • Depending on what coverage you want, sometimes its too minimal
  • Sometimes it made my skin oily (not nice)
For me this impressed to begin with but when i started to break out it was the end of my mac face and body.
So i continue the search for the best all around foundation...


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