Monday, 16 May 2011

Rodial glamtox eye light pen

Normally i wouldn't really buy something like this but i found it at a bargain price in my local Tk Maxx, so i thought what the heck i may aswell give it ago.
This item retails at £35.00 which i must admit it abit steep, there are similar item on the market from brands such as YSL. It claims to be an eye brightening concealer that erases any signs of fatigue and brightens the complexion. Although its an eye concealer it suggest on the box that you can use it in areas such as; hollow of the chin and contours of the nose.

I only used this under my eyes, i found that it did definitely brighten up my eyes but sometimes there just wasn't enough coverage for this to replace my normal concealer. The product is of a sheer liquid like consistency, which is dispensed using a click pen. You apply just a few strokes under the eye area, like a normal concealer.
Overall i do agree that it brightens up your eyes but i don't think i'd repurchase this, as i believe the retail price is to steep for what the product delivers. Although saying that there are many rodial products i would love to try, like the snake serum and boob lift. :)

 Love gabbie

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